Yellow Daleks!

If there is one recurring dream that has plagued me for years then it concerns the 1966 film Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150AD. I really don’t know why, while I quite enjoy the film and perhaps watched the video a little too much as a child I see there is no reason for constant bombardment of dreams in which I’m either watching alternate versions, on set during a remake, or more likely with in the reality of the film itself. (The latter being the most common).

Last night I dreamt there was a Sweeney style 1970s version which someone who looked a little Martin Shaw was running about, sliding off the bonnets of cars etc, whilst being chased by Ferrari yellow Daleks.

It was easy enough to re-colour the existing movie Dalek mesh I have so here’s the result.


edited 25 September: So I found out today that whilst I’ve been dreaming about new and wonderful secret remakes, re-cuts and sequels to this silly little film that in real life it has only this month been reissued. Really odd – as is somehow I know.

I was in HMV today and saw the new boxed which included the phase ‘never before seen original cut’ and I almost wet myself. Perhaps this is it! This is the version that has the special weapons dalek, the glass dalek with Davros inside, the golden fucking emperor! But no, for sadly none of these exist as they were all dreams. This version apparently has 10 or extra pixels of image down the sides, and that’s about it. I really wish they’d give it the George Lucas touch, if any film didn’t deserve it this one certainly doesn’t but maybe I’d get some closer.

Hold the new boxed set in my hand, as if in a dream a dream again will no doubt bring about more dreams so I’ll jot any down if they are of any interest.

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