Why make youtube poop?

This question turned up on the forum today and I felt compelled to reproduce here what I said there:

because youtube poop is cultural movement of potentially revolutionary proportions that tells the world that we’ve had enough of the shit that we’re expected to watch and there are far better ways to interact with modern media than to press the red button or dial a premium phone number. That video editing is no longer something that you need years of education to master and that someone who isn’t being paid to make media is infinitely better than someone who is – regardless of age or experience. That we are sick of media that is commercially driven – cartoons which were only created to sell videos games, movies created to sell popcorn and vlogs created to advertise movies. The media doesn’t have to have MEANING and the avant garde still exists – but now it’s in the hands of media savvy teenagers rather the coke sniffing wine drinking academics. That the the posting of photoshoped images in forums is art far more artistic merit and more accurate statement of TRUTH than anything that hangs on a wall and that the era of the ‘film maker’ is thankfully coming to a much derserved end.

3 Responses to “Why make youtube poop?”

  1. matthew says:

    Blimey! Your thoughts on forum photoshops is particularly painfully true. I could ponder for hours in amazement at a good comedy, or otherwise, photoshop from somebody I don’t even know, never heard of, and know absolutely nothing about – but famous ‘artists’ with pictures in galleries which ‘crititcs’ adore hold no interest with me whatsoever.

    Its a good time to be a “user”, thats all I have to say.

  2. Ray Rolfe says:

    I agree. The quote is very right, And I hope to see this new media- hyper media art form, mature into some of the greatest art pieces ever to exist.

  3. Insanimania says:

    We’re just a bunch of wankers on a website making videos. Who ever said we plan on taking down the media and taking a piss on the world through television?

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