Top of the Pile AXED after only 4 episodes!

It is with the same amusement which kept me returning to the student run Nerve TV quiz show that I discover it is now over. Via email today:

“Like Fawlty (sic) Towers and The Office we have decided to quit with TOTP while
we are ahead. . . better to go out on a high than to let it drag on and
get shit.”

After a mere 4 live shows, a string of meetings, excuses & mild deceits plus the full on (and seemingly successful) attempts at situationalist sabotage in the final episode it is all over.

I cannot emphasise enough the joy I had appearing on a student TV show – and despite all its problems I genuinely think it restored a certain sense of the magic of media that I had lost in the last few years. I am grateful for the experience in both appearing on a show as myself rather than in character and for meeting a few people who I came to respect enormously.

I am also very disappointed by the fact the production team should quit so soon. I believe one episode actually made it to ‘the internet’ whilst the others only exist almost as a private joke between its participants.

And so as the crowd dissipates and the studio lights are switched off I’m left thinking I could be making use of that studio space. I could be making Spainful nonsense with that crew and those presenters. Instead the studio will be locked up again, lights and cameras switched off and everyone will go their own separate ways doing the usual bullshit that students do.

2 Responses to “Top of the Pile AXED after only 4 episodes!”

  1. Paul Wilson says:

    I wonder why I have a lump in my throat when reading your last few lines? ’tis quite sad really.

  2. Matthew Waite says:

    I never knew of this blog, but now I will surely be back.

    Anyways I feel very much the same about that show. It is a real pity it went, as, even with its flaws, it was starting to find its feet and become quite entertaining.

    The new show – Amplitude – means at least the space will be in use. But with only two presenters now, and a more “magazine” format.

    Perhaps we could start our own new show Conrad – the studio is of course, for Nerve*, and Nerve* is ‘Student’ owned. I see no reason why we could not find a new format and crew and get to it. Why should we merely stick to what the majority want? Its Nerve*TV I believe, as in, Television, which suggests multiple shows. Its not just Nerve*Single-Bi-Weekly-Show (as far as I know)

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