Tony Gallichan launches podcast (thing)

I’m delighted to impart to you the news that Tony Gallichan today posted what could can only be described as a audio blog pilot episode to compliment the community fansite

Adam J. Purcell who maintains the Staggering Stories website explained the turn of events in his blog:

“So, he took it upon himself to do a solo podcast. Will this be a one-off? I doubt it, certainly this has pushed the idea forward quite a bit, even to the point where I’m willing to give it a go as part of a group Staggering Stories podcast.”

Despite being out of contact with Tony for a while I’m delighted he has taken this action as I believe his unique perspective on life will make worth while listening to an international audience.

I first met Tony when I was only 9 years old when he set up a Doctor Who fan club in Jersey. Only to have the whole thing ruined by the cancelation of the show in 1989.

Since then he moved to (creepy) Crawley and whilst remaining a steadfast fan and at one point even a fandom glitterati (should such a thing be possible) before diversifying into other subcultures. Never worried about public opinion and nearly always true to himself I’m proud to admit that he has informed my work.

Should he read this it’s also worth pointing that the he will no doubt be furious that I should write about him as being anything other than ‘just some guy’ – but that’s the way it goes with the public image.

Still in self exile from Jersey, Tony is very much as Jersey-man much like the saying “There’s nothing more English than an Englishman abroad”. Yet he is also a very much loved by those who surround him including but his many cats (I assume they’re still around – it was a few year ago since I checked).

I very much look forward to hearing what insights he has to share in the future – especially if, as is more than likely, they are littered with obscure references to Doctor Who.

As yet the podcast does not have an itunes ready rss feed but the audio file can be accessed here.

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  1. Can I just say that I am furious that I have been written about as something other then ‘just some guy’!

    get in touch ‘Conrad’ as a) I need to know if you still want to watch Ressurection of the Daleks and 3) I want to know what by the pink and purple pyjamas of Rassilon Standen was thinking – I still have trouble believing it, tbh…..

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