The Artifice of the Internet and Reality!

The podcast was recently written about in the Bournemouth Arts Institute Student Union Magazine. Here’s a copy of the piece written by James Spalding, reproduced here with find permission.

Podcasting is a new term coined to define the distribution of audio and video files to computers and mobile devices such as ipods. The Term was popularised by the success of Apple’s latest money spinner and is made possible by recent developments in internet feeds and open source programs. Conrad Slater, of our very own BA Film course, tis the creator of Britain’s first video podcast featuring the character comedy stylings of the man himself and his multi-talented partner DK Cavey.

The shows are infused with some sharp twists and brash, but hilarious, humour of sandy Borehole and Detective fashion. The shows focus particularly on the characters, their mannerisms and repetitions not to mention the antics that they find their way into. It’s all shit and giggles. The episodes have a distinct interplay with the podcast community, mentioning known ‘podstars’ such as Steve Dupont and Adam Curry whilst playing on niches found within the film industry. The duo uses this play upon the balance of truth between the artifice of the internet and reality.

Podcasting is a great means of publicity, it provides a unique means of anti-promotion form, popular methods like flyers and posters, especially when you consider the environmental and aesthetic impact of all that litter. It is only the recent developments of technology, which has allowed the existence such an informative yet disposable facet of communication; to be consumed and downloaded to your pocket. Thanks to the popularity of the ipod, it is possible to make a promotional material significant, immediate, really, really accessible to the audience at the same time.

All this provides Spainful Films with an ideal method of promoting their work and themselves as writers and performers. the shows themselves are updated weekly and provide great insight into the modes of character comedy and performance. If you are feeling in need of a giggle and guffaw this is the place to get it.

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