I have discovered, whilst researching cut-up techniques this:

“A recent phenomenon is an e-mail spam tactic in which randomly-generated text passages are used to thwart Bayesian filters. Such text is called spamoetry (spam poetry) or spam art. Since the text is often derived from actual books, this is effectively a cut-up method.

Canadian artist Sue Batson Feuer incorporates spamoetry into her mixed-media paintings and an apparel line called matchstick atomâ„¢”

So I’ve decided since I get so much of the stuff to post some of my own and I’ve even created a new category on here to post them. Here is today’s offering.

  1. before we call in the medics. First is the most important question.
    carpet. Raised my fists, and my voice, on high.
    For his size he was fast, whipping out the broadsword from the niche
  2. In a scots without warning the face of draft grew sullen Black angry mouths, the clouds swallowed up the suite The air was courses with suppressed excitement The occupancy howled through the avail and sobbed and poles in the secret of the hysteria The chime of the olden bell flowed out into the sensation The fanless notes the holy chant arising with the storm like curling angels with Satan At last the inactivity of carat lay vanquished. The snickered paused in its course to do retold to God. blister however aemploy clap of thunder smote the sky The pancake chime of the bulwark off with a a progressions dissonance Demons seemed to desks Rain came down upholstery cataract unruffled of lightning chased one suckle like battling fiery dragons. rainbow jangled hideously out of globules Unearthly noises like a swarthier parody of the holy epigraphical that marks the elevation of the incredible alarmed the ears the genteelly monks unspeakable blasphemies loverlike with ceremony and interspersed midst of a presented had suddenly quarrel mad in the if a High Priest waterfall but resolute Father Ambrose seized a fascinate In phalanx if for battle the brethren hitched coughed with gleaming eyes and trembling leisured the militant army of God swept up surge stairs mumbling the ritual of the polypropylene Infected apotheosis by the burial hysteria Aubrey atrium of the arena
  3. looked around. It was all right, they hadn’t left the path. Now for the
    really taken a beating. The top buckles had melted and the vials in the

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  1. Robert says:

    That’s truly beautiful.

  2. Elburn Wence says:

    Snack food Industrial.


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