Spainful Films Video Podcast officially AXED

After several months of what I would now describe as both being pissed about with and pissing about myself it saddens me to say the Spainful Films Video Podcast is now officially over and dead.

Attached to the body of this blog post, is a copy of the email which I sent to Neil Dixon, from BTpodshow – the network which hosted and promoted my podcasts(s).

A big thank you to those of you who have supported my work since early 2006, the fifty of you who are still currently subscribed and especially those of you who have actively engaged with the media by either writing to me of Dave or doing all the other fun things that audiences do these days. (A Frappr map for people who give a shit will be coming soon!)

Dear Neil,

Please initiate the formal procedure to cancel any and all agreements between us (myself and DK Cavey) and yourselves at BTPodshow.

Under the terms of the NDA I understand that we are bound not to disclose any pertinent information publicly for a period of three years – which of course we shall honour. Likewise we have nothing but respect for both you personally and everyone we have met at Podshow – in short this is by no means a personal decision but rather a business one.

Please forward this correspondence to any podshow employees who would be made aware of the situation – such as those in charge of the Go Daddy campaign in the US podshow offices.

Again thank you, Neil for your support personally and professionally of the Spainful Films Video Podcast and please pass on these thanks to everyone else whom it may concern at podshow.

Also the ‘delete show’ appears to be disabled/broken on the website and there also does not appear to be the option of deleting a login account. There please could you ensure that you do both of these within the next few days.

yours sincerely
Conrad Slater

All video and audio media will very soon be offline so download anything you missed now as it probably will not be there by tomorrow.

And if you are reading this why not leave a comment.

4 Responses to “Spainful Films Video Podcast officially AXED”

  1. Paul Wilson says:

    What is going on Conrad! Why can you cancelled Spainful?! I feel quite heart broken about this. Does this mean you are giving up? Dont please….

  2. Paul Knight says:

    A sad end to a wonderfully ceative and innovative and also funny part of my life and podcasting, Spainful films will be sadly missed, sorry it took so long to get back, ah it was only a fortnight!

    Any chance of purchasing a copy of your show on DVD, I will pay handsomely.

    Again, sorry to see the axe, please keep in touch.

    Your friend(or fiend)


  3. Sorry dude, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be doing any sort of DVD thing for the time being. If I do though you’ll be the first to get one – I promise.

  4. Zebedee says:

    Why would you do this?

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