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Spainful Films Video media back online

Spainful Films Video Podcast back online but not as a video podcast!

vincent2.jpgThe 2006 Spainful Films Video Podcast (Britain’s first character comedy vidcast) is now back online hosted on the popular video site veoh.com, a rival site to youtube. Like youtube the videos are flash encoded meaning their are viewable to a potential larger audience than the previous mp4 files from the video podcast days.

The series, which is still officially on hiatus was pulled down in at Easter after the podcast company BTpodshow failed to honour their agreement to support the show beyond that of any other video content available on their website. However due to audience numbers which peaked at 10000 the original self hosted method of online distribution was not viable option.

Now that online video has evolved away from downloading and podcasting and we are enjoying what could be described as the youtube generation the idea of expecting viewers to download large media files has become somewhat archaic but unlike youtube voeh does support such a model with the aid of it’s download cliant.

The 25 available episodes exist as now as mere artefacts of not only the small scale optimism of the British podcasting community but also as a personal record of the early careers of DK Cavey and myself. And whilst I explore the inner world of nihilistic editing techniques and underground internet sub culture of youtube poop I believe my erstwhile creative partner is exploring the Nathan Barley-esque world of London media culture.

The website spainfulfilms.com remains in it’s wiki form and contains extensive works of fictionalised background information which will no doubt for the backbone of any new works using the Spainful name or existing in the same fictional universe that the site documents.

Here’s video for you to watch now but the rest of the series can be viewed here:

page edited June 2008

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