Show Reel 2007 (*Spainful not included*)

Here’s a little something I had to knock out for college – a showreel, physical proof that I am capable of editing stuff, and am therefore employable – yeah right, even my dad would laugh at that one!

I had a lot of fun putting it to together, and gave myself the rule to not include anything from the video podcast. It was in fact a lot easier than I expected and I even had bits and pieces from other things left over.

Here’s a full list of the 18 films from I which I have sampled in order of which they are seen in the first instance.

-Reisswolf (2006) dir Jeff Desom
-Last Man (2005) dir Jeff Desom
-Seven Deadly Sins (2005)(Documentary)
-Conrad Slater’s War (2005)
-Cueing Film (2005) dir. Ben Mudge
-Midnight Expresso (Music Video) (2004)
-Eyeliner (2005)
-In the Woods (2004) (dir Marc Gillespie)
-Garden House (2005) (Animation by Geraldine Wales)
-Mick Norris: Zombie Hunter (2005) (dir Chris Coupland)
-Action Sequence:A Study of Motion (2005)
-Alien Walking (2002)(Art Installation Video)
-Forward (2003)
-Instamatic Plastic (2003)
-Really Twisted (Number 2 & 5) (2002-)
-The Rivals (2006) dir. Richard Pring
-Blood Red (2007) dir. Andy Bowles)
-Therein Lies the Problem (2007) (Advert)

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