pulled down again

Server overload caused by your account

Dear Conrad,

I was monitoring the server hosting your account and noticed that your site is very well visited; that is it get many hits per second. Unfortunately, due to the high number of visits to the site, it spawns too many processes. For each single visit, a single php process is launched. The high number of visits and processes accordingly caused the machine heavy overload problems.

This is a shared hosting server and the server’s resources are shared amongst the users hosted on the machine. Unfortunately, to keep the server’s load at normal level (5-6 units) we had to limit the number of simultaneous connections to your site to 5 which may result in occasional “Service Temporary Unavailable” error messages displayed on your site.

I’ve done a detailed analysis of the access logs for your site and the following figures came up:

Total page requests from IP for 48h: 97257
Average page requests from IP per hour: 2026.19
Average page requests from IP per min. 33.7698

Having in mind that high number of visits to the site we suggest that you consider a semi-dedicated solution such as a Virtual Private Server or a dedicated server. The VPS offers great flexibility in terms of software tuning and your account will be the only one hosted on it. Because of this, the resources will be dedicated to your account only and the machine will be able to cope with the high number of visits.

Looking forward to your reply,


System Administrator


The forum software I am using has been acting weird all evening and finally crashed. I managed to restore it from a back up but I was half way through the process.

There was no way to lock down the forum for maintenance etc

I’m half way though restoring it

I appreciate your concerns but I they have come at a terrible time – I can only hope that your malfunction is connected to the restore process as angry and confused forum users try to log back on to broken forum.

If you can please unlock the forum section so that I can get thing back in order then and then see if this traffic issue continues about your suggestion.

Conrad Slater

Hello Conrad,

Thank you for contacting SiteGround Support Team.

Unfortunately, we cannot remove the limitations of your account due to the fact that the high activity of your site is affecting the server overall performance.

In this case the only solution is to order a VPS hosting plan and move your subdomain to the VPS server. The VPS hosting plan will be able to provide you with much more system resources and will be able to suit the growing needs of your site.

You can order a VPS plan from:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

Best Regards,

Support Team

Thanks for taking my circumstances into consideration.

May I ask though if the overload on your servers was solely based on today’s traffic or if it has been like this for longer than today.

Like I said today the forum crashed and was causing many errors which may have had an impact. If this is the case I have to point out that these were somewhat extreme circumstances.


Hello Conrad,

Due to large activity of your account it is no longer suitable for our shared servers.

In order to use it you will have to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan which will be able to support heavy accessed sites and will provide flexible configuration options for you to manage your accounts.

You can order a VPS upgrade from Customer’s Area -> Order Extras

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

Best Regards,

Support Team

I have now closed down the forum section of my site completely moved it to another service provider.

This will mean a significant reduction in your server’s resources and therefore I request that you reactive my sub-domain or

I would also reassure you that the remainer of the site (not the forum) will be moving also in the near future should you have any concerns of a further build up in traffic.

Thank you
conrad slater

Hello Conrad,

Thank you for the update.

Unfortunately, I cannot re-activate your subdomain due to the fact that it will once more affect the server overload once it is accessible.

The best solution in this case is to upgrade the subdomain to a VPS server or another hosting plan which can support the growing needs of your forum.

Thank you for the understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Support Team

I don’t understand.

I have closed down the forum and directed traffic elsewhere.

Please explain how this is going to cause a continuation of an overload.

thank you

Hello Conrad,

I revised the case carefully and consulted with my supervisors. They informed me that since this is not your first violation of our terms of use, we are no longer willing to fully re-activate your account on our shared servers. If you want the limitations removed, you will have to consider upgrading the account to a Virtual Private Server, regardless of whether you have re-routed the heavy traffic or not. For more information about how to upgrade your account, you can refer to the above mentioned URLs.

If you need any further assistance, please, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best Regards,

Support Team

6 Responses to “ pulled down again”

  1. matthew says:

    Oh god! Its getting really popular isnt it, but thats fantastic news (in the way its popular)

    Probabbly a good job you dont have a fancy PHP searching script built in yet then if they cant even handle a home page…

    Try – they offer unlimited bandwidth, thats who I use, free too if you have a domain allready…and no adverts either… well, free if you have Freeola Broadband like me – if your on a diff broadband, its £15 every 4 months I think

  2. Calculate900 says:

    It’s really a shame this is all happening. YTP is not only popular, but successful as well.

  3. Matthew says:

    Thats stupid – if all you want is a domain with them, no way would it pull down their servers. They just want one thing from you: CASH

    Honestly, try Freeola – Unlimited Webspace and Hosting, and free transfer of your .com domain over to them

    All you pay is a small fee for the ability to upload. And even when you stop paying that – your site stays up FOREVER for free, and you only pay again for another quaters worth of uploads (you just pay every 4 months for upload privlages, so for things like this site, you pay once, put it up, and dont pay again till you need to change it. As its all PHP blog, you can do that without needing upload rights, which they call Freeola Freedom, so this site would be 100% free to nrune eventually)

    They have PHP and MySQL if you need it

    I cant praise them enough…

  4. Thanks Matt – i’ve looked it over and it really stinks of a rich man’s geocites – there’s no such thing as a free lunch and if they need to do all these specail offers then there must be a catch. Whether it be traffic or usuage it’d rather not the directory be the weak link in the chain.

  5. Matthew says:

    Oh and I like the Feast rant

  6. Matthew says:

    Ahh suppose, I must say iv never had any trouble with them though, but I guess your site does have a VERY high bandwidth request.

    Perhaps you could email them and ask? Tell them you expect a lot, and can they keep there promise?

    Otherwise my only other advice is: NEVER under ANY circumstances use Oh god, Iv had nightmares about them.

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