Sandy Borehole

Just a quick note to tell you all that I’ve finally added a proper article about Sandy Borehole to Spainful X.

Visit and read it here.

Sandy’s greatest enemy was always his own celebrity. Whenever he saw even a glimpse of the limelight he be off somewhere, to a party, taking drugs and getting up to all sorts of mischief. As soon as the Factory was written about in the back pages of a magazine he vanish for a month as if this place never existed. Then, when he thought he was being ignored again he come back do some work, and usually really good work – he was also a great teacher. This whole podcast thing was the worst thing to happen to him. He popped in here for about half an hour in the whole four months that he was making it. I really thought he was on the mend, you know. People were starting to forget about him again and he was talking about doing an art installation about Sashes. Now we’ll never know.

I have also cleaned up the FAQ section of this site. Click on the link above to read that.

That is all

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