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It seems that with only a few left before the Detective Fashion season finale is finally posted, the podcasting world has shifted a little bit already. Podshow UK has officially launched under the name BT Podshow and even the mighty Ron Bloom has cited Spainful Films as an indication of UK based talent. (I’ve never spoken to him but I’ve heard he’s a big fan). So it also seems the Podshow’s new drive seems to be to find even more talent rather than heavily promote the hand full of shows they’ve already signed in their initial sweep. Neil Dixon makes an interesting point that a third of podcasters he has spoken to (on Podshow’s behalf) have neither heard of Podshow or even Britcaster. This shocked me, as it suggests they’ve been working without proper research but it remains to be seen, or heard, if any of these poor ignorant fools actually produce shows that are any good.

Meanwhile – (I love using that word) Apple have launched itunes 7. It looks very similar but has a few nice little tweaks. I’ve heard that contained within is big news for video podcasters, the main being that there will be the option to adjust the size of the video. This may mean that there will be the option for a hi and low resolution version the finale. There is also the option to change the ‘type’ of video from either TV show to film. Of course what I can see happening is having to remaster all the old media (well season 2 anyway) to a higher res and change all tags and then re upload them all over again! Pain. I think I’ll leave it for now but I know it’ll slowly eat away at me until it has to be done.

In other news, with everything finally finished and filmed I’m starting to realise that getting closure on Detective Fashion’s show has left me a little empty. Six months to make 9 episode of a show is a bit rubbish really but by making sure it was all completed to the highest quality possible has raised the bar and put extra pressure myself to deliver something even better for both the new show and the eventual return of Fashion next year.

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