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Work progresses slowly on season 3 of the Spainful Films Video Podcast but I still have no idea when I’ll be ready to assemble anything that will resemble a proper episode. This has to be the hardest I’ve worked on a video project so hopefully it will break new ground for me. Filming and editing documentaries is very different to drama, comedy or even the chat show. More information will follow as I get closer to some sort of competition.

Meanwhile I’ve posted a bunch of old stuff which may interest some of you. Episodes 1-5 of Really Twisted, the terrible cgi series made in poser 3, have been posted on youtube.

My youtube Video Page.

Also I’ve posted a bunch of old photos on flickr. Mainly from either side of the turn of the century there are also a few shots of a few of my friends.

My Flickr photos

There is also a video filmed at the UK Podcast conference (see below) doing the rounds online. It includes an interview with me (whilst eating fruit salad) which is mildly compelling. The other interviews are also at times very interesting including one with Adam Curry which I enjoyed.

Podcast Conference Video Show Notes Link

Oh and I turn up on episode ten of the feedburner video podcast in which I am interviewed over the phone by the brilliant Dean Whitbread. The theme of his half hour episode is creativity and it’s one that deserves close attention (especially after I’ve shut up promoting myself).

Feedburner Podcast Episode 10

And finally to celebrate the return of the Who3d forum I have created a really crappy out-of-the-box php image gallery showcasing my CGI work. So far I’ve only uploaded my Dalek images.


Until next time…goodbye

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