My response to the Guardian’s podcast “talent” contest

The original much publicised advert

Having read about this in several places now I feel obliged to once again get on my high horse and have a good old rant!

I think it’s a disgrace that the Guardian expect candidates to have two years of experience in the radio industry. For years nearly all radio stations have had a closed door policy to any talent unless it’s been through formalised education and a fair bit of "who you know".

The podcast industry has completely destroyed that system and allows genuinely talented producers and hosts to make compelling new media regardless of background or even technical expertise.

By making audio content that lends itself to radio rather than podcasting (even at the aesthetic level) and branding it as a podcast absurd and in my opinion could damage the creditably of the newspaper. After all, most podcast listeners listen to podcasts because they hate the contrived marketing driven content offered by radio stations.

There are so many really talented podcasters out there who are really, genuinely pushing the envelope, challenging everything that has been and making honest, original and sincere media that on a fool would ignore it and look to the remnants of the radio industry for so called new talent.

So Mr. Guardian, If you want real talent for your podcast get a podcaster! Any lack of technical expertise could easily be facilitated by merely reading a software manual.

I’ll shut up now for fear of turning into Todd Cochrane

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