My Post Modern Island Podcast Launched


I have now begun releasing episodes of my an audio blog styled podcast. I have called it “My PostModern Island” which I believe correctly indicates exactly what the show is.

MY – Because principally it’s about me, my work and it’s an audio blog.

PostModern – Because I’m fascinated by the subject of postmodernism but talking about directly is an act of modernism, therefore it has be assumed that by implying the show is postmodern brings about a context that it can be consumed. It also implies I’m “taking the piss” like all good post modern practitioners do.

Island – Because I live on an island, because I feel isolated and because this show is an attempt to isolate myself from the reality of my other work.

It is also both pretentious and naive. Just like me.

Click here to listen to My Post Modern Island

Click here to listen to My Post Modern Island

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