Lunar Pages’ terrible approach to customer service

Lunar Pages sure know how to drive their customers insane.
Here’s blow by blow of what’s happening to

Aug 21, 12.36pm
is down – the server status say suggesting it’s a mysql database error
I cannot access my cpanel to check/repair my databases
also, last night at this morning at around 12.30 am (GMT) my forum seemed to go back in time five hours and messages were lost – this suggested tome that some kind of restore had taken place form an earlier backup.
My index plage was also replaced with a standard lunar pages page but my root .htaccess page wasn’t effected.
This of course has nothing to do with me – are you performing maintenance that my be affecting me in this way – if so am I to exect more problems and do you know when things will be restored.
Ideally I’l like access to my cpanel so that I can backup my database straight away in case the problem persists.
thanks in advance for you help

Aug 21, ’07 12:38PM

Further to my last message the site is back online and my databases are now fully backed-up.
But I’d appreciate any information if you have any.

Aug 21, ’07 01:57PM

Hello Conrad,
Glad to know that your website is working fine now.
Have you checked whether your ISP was having connectivity issues, or tried to view using when you had this issue ?
I did a search for any announcements about the server where your account is hosted and there are no such incidence.
If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Since your inquiry has been resolved, I will go ahead and close this ticket.
No response is required for this message.

Meanwhile this had been sent to another newly created account of which I was not aware of. note the date

Aug 20, ’07 06:08PM

During routine server monitoring we have noticed that your account is using excessive resources. This is a shared hosting environment and we cannot allow any one account to utilize the majority of resources.
Please note that the acceptable resource usage ranges are as follows: 1.0 or less CPU%, 1.0 or less MEM%,and 0.2 or less MySQL usage with the top processes at 20 or less CPU%. Your account was using the following..
CPU% 3.18
MEM% 1.29
MySQL 1.2
Top Process %CPU 47.0 [php5.bin]
Top Process %CPU 33.0 /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/php5.bin -c /home/youch3/public_html
Top Process %CPU 32.0 [php5.bin]
We have moved the account due to the excessive resources. Please verify that all scripts are up to date and the latest and safest versions. The account we have placed you on is a non-production server and we cannot guarantee that the site wil run or look the same on this server. Once the scripts are updated and using less resources we will be happy to move you back to a production server.
Please check all scripts within the account to verify that they are updates and the latest and safest versions from the publisher.
At the current time your account is more suitable for our VPS or dedicated hosting. If you would like more information please visit the following sites.
Dedicated =

If this issue is resolved please reply to this message informing that all is ok. If this issue is not resolved please reply to this message with any further details that may allow us to assist you more regarding this matter.
Thank you for you patience and understanding regarding this issue.

Aug 21, ’07 06:22PM

-My usual support account name is conradslater
-the only reason I moved my forums to Lunar Pages was because I was assured you were forum friendly. Having had the same problem with my previous shared hosting company I decided to pay the extra to have my site hosted with you and yet you’ve behaved in the same way by simply closing my site down wthout warning.
-I write to you earlier today asking if there were any problems with my site as it had been running slow and was told that nothing was wrong.
-Now I’m told that it the too much traffic so you pull the switch beforee I can even run a backup or warn my forum users.
-I shall consider a VPS but will need an assurance that your standards of customer service will proportional improve based upon the extra cost I will be paying.

Aug 23, ’07 10:47AM

is that it?
How many days do you need to copy/paste a follow up reply?
How about starting with explaining this: Ticket ID 235916
Perhaps even an apology would be nice – for denying that there was anything wrong when already my site had been moved to another server?
Or perhaps even you sales department could contact me regarding upgrading to a VPS. The only link you’ve provided is for the creation of an entirely new account – when clearly my site needs to be moved – i don’t want to have to pay for VPS and shared hosting.
And how about an explanations to to what is actually going on! All I know is my site has been moved to a slow server because of this:
CPU% 3.18
MEM% 1.29
MySQL 1.2
which means very little to in real terms – though I assume it was my forum that caused the problem – so I’ve closed it to the public.
But where on this page
does any of the above stats relate?
and more to the point where on this do they relate
And am to expect this kind of three day silence when I have a problem with that service?
I wold grateful if can move forward with this straight away as I’ve an inbox full of questions and complaints to reply to.
Conrad Slater

Hoping it would help I created a new support ticket, changing my tact from furious customer to someone keen to spend more money.

Aug 24, ’07 09:42AM

I write in reference to Ticket ID 234319.
Four days ago my website was moved without warning to another server.
I have repeatedly requested further information and have yet to receive any kind of reply from you.
I wish for my service to be upgraded to VPS even after reading you FAQ I still not not know the procedure, (the link given to me suggests I will still be billed for my shared account too)
I don’t why we’ve not written back to me yet but I hope this messge falls into the hands of someone who can help me.

Aug 24, ’07 11:02AM

I do see that you have replied in the original ticket regarding the server move. The desk your ticket is on is monitored by our server admins who will need to review the account and check the usage of resources. They usually do this for 24 hours to make sure that the usage is back down to acceptable levels.
We can upgrade the account for you. Your account would be upgraded and you would be charged the difference between the exiting account and new prorated VPS plan.
For security purposes to confirm you are the account holder, please provide the following:
Last 4 digits of the credit card on file:
This request is for security reasons only.
If you can not supply the last 4 digits of the credit card, please provide:

First and last characters of the password on file:
Your full postal mailing address:
Telephone number:
I hope this information is helpful. Please ask if you have additional questions.

Aug 24, ’07 11:15AM

Hello Michael
Thanks for you reply – I cannot explain why you’ve not received my messages on the other ticket, they appear to be displayed my end and are mrked up as ‘awaiting tech’
anyway, you’ve answered my question in part – but do I just use the link provided?
Here are the last four digits as requested: 8505
Also – am I to expect any further lose of data, in the same way as I did when I was moved from the orignal (elara) server?
thank you again

And yet still no response….

Aug 24, ’07 04:12PM

Can you confirm if you have received this or my previous response?
I have tried cc’ing this message to you via email but in doing so I seem to have inadvertently created yet another help desk account.
I really would appreciate this matter be resolved in time for the weekend as Sunday is the site’s busiest day and i have been waiting for 4 days for this issue to be resolved.

So instead I tried just upgrading the account myslef ontheir website but that was a maze of jargon. This time I emailed the sales department.

Aug 24, ’07 05:05PM

I’m trying to upgrade my shared hosting package to VPS.
I am on the signup page of your website and i have two questions.
-I do not wish to open a new account but rather upgrade my existing
account. The website page I’m on seems geared towards new customers
rather than upgrades. Likewise there is no indication in my existing
account area that this option is available (despite assurance from
you support desk).
-I do not wish to loose use of cPanel yet it seems as though my only
option is for 10 domains (which I don’t need) at an extra $10 per
month or nothing at all.
My site has been off line for 4 days and you support department has
been extremely unhelpful so I’d really appreciate your speedy
assistance in this matter.

Aug 24, ’07 05:25PM

We can handle the upgrade of your account to VPS through e-mail support. However please note that our VPS plans can not support cPanel control panel. They use the Plesk control panel which is entirely different and in some cases provides different features. If you want to continue using the cPanel control panel you’ll need to upgrade to one of our dedicated hosting solutions.
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this matter or if you’d like to proceed with upgrading to a VPS account with the Plesk control panel.
Thank You!

Aug 24, ’07 05:33PM

Ok, I understand. I’ve not used Plesk before but a I’m happy to give it try.
Please go ahead and upgrade my account to VPS.

Aug 25, ’07 09:16AM

Yesterday I requested you upgrade my account to VPS and I have yet to
hear from you. (My domain is, having reportedly had
trouble receiving my messages via your web interface I thought I’d
follow this up via email to make sure the necessary action is being
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do and what and
when things will start moving so that I can inform the users of my
forum that service has been restored.
Conrad Slater

Aug 25, ’07 10:39PM

Your account has been upgraded to a Virtual Private Server and the welcome email have been resent to you email account. Please let us know if you have any kind of issues.
Also, don’t forget to let us know when we can delete your account from the old server.
Thank you and have a great day !

Aug 27, ’07 11:03AM

I have yet to receive the welcome email from you and domain is clearly still pointing to the old server ikewise the links from my account page appear to be dead, including access to any kind of control panel.

The suggested temporary link also appears to be dead (no holding page etc)
and the plesk IP: also appears to be not configured
please advise

Aug 27, ’07 01:21PM

Further to my last email I have check over your FAQ in case I was at
fault or had failed to understand you instructions. I discovered this
However having followed the instructions, which suggested I use port
8443 I still am completely unable to access my account.
perhaps I need to change the nameserver settings, cureently set to
please help

Aug 27, ’07 04:52PM

I still have not heard from you conserning this matter
please respond

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  1. matthew says:

    thats disgusting customers support there- almost as bad as…..

    hope it all sorts out soon as its such a nice community your building, its a shame when anything goes wrong!

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