Conrad Slater: TV Presenter!

Not so long ago I was thinking that I’ve been using characters a little too much as something to hide behind. There was a big difference, in terms of what I wanted to communicate, when speaking as myself compared to the double coded messages that pass through Sandy or Simon.

I first noticed this when DK and myself were interviewed on the Gadget Show. Of course since then I’ve been recording the occasional episode of my audio blog (more soon I promise) but a new opportunity presented itself to me last week.

Across the road from me in the ‘other place’ Bournemouth University, (not connected to the art college where I study) the students run a student TV station. I noticed a poster advertising auditions for a new presenter. Expecting it to be the usual magazine show style format I’m used to seeing I was shocked to discover I was in fact auditioning to host a LIVE(!!!) quiz show and, I discovered later, that I in fact had won the audition, as such, and was to host the first episode.

I sit here now, on the eve of writing a script – which will be fed into the autocue – which I will then have to read (harder than it looks) without Sandy to laugh it all off or Simon to pause and go ‘errrr’. By far this has to be one of the most challenging endeavors I have taken part in for at least a year.

I am nervous but confident, knowing that an experience like this will either toughen me (and potentially make me more professional) or provide fuel to the Spainful furnace.

I’ve heard it will be streamed online, I’ll post a link as soon as I know it.

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