Back to College

Well I’m back to Bournemouth now, ready to start my third and final year of a rather pointless film degree.

Though accidental I think it’s worked out rather well that series three should begin around now. With a academic year ahead and a new flat to live and film in I’d rather be doing something new than be half way through and existing series.

After copious amounts of notes, both on paper and in SpainfulX the scripts for season 3 are coming to together rather well. Unlike in the past where the two shows that make up a season would be released simultaneously on alternate weeks each show will have a solid run of it’s own. First we are getting SpainfulX (a documentary series based on the wiki) and then of course season 3 of Fashion. But I won’t say anything else apart from that.

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  1. the point is the sharp bit at the end…

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