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As some of you my know I’ve been inputting apparently random blocks of text into SpainfulX received in the form of spam. Some of the longer pieces have proven to be very interesting given that there are generated by machine for the purposes of disrupting spam filter software. None the less it could be argued that these pieces of text are in fact secret nuggets of information disguised as spam.

Anyway, not everything I receive gets puts on the database. At the moment I’m only adding pieces that fill a page, the shorter pieces are deleted. None the less a gentleman vlogger called Paul Reyno has been kind enough to forward a very interesting piece which I believe merits a mention here in the spamoetry section. There is also a long to his vlog at the end of this post, worth checking out.

Here is the poem:

downbeat try osier on krueger
the dauphine be lingerie
some shu in freddy in
transference but stair
or hanoverian see slowdown
but bedrock it’s dead on
garish be firewood a cabin.

cheetah try probe
alden try unison
it’s geyser or anxiety
site and anglo not copperhead
in snobbery,

greenish in demitted
the collate the effusive
steed and cardiovascular
it’s adjunct a freedmen
the Keine try illusive
the twiddle may see dunlop
some chairman it not attendee
it’s burma try bemadden

Paulreyno Show....The best show on the net

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  1. Danielle says:

    ~What a great way to write poetry~

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