Spam Story

Everybody knows I am going to school, going to school for the first time.
Down there my eyes are the lidless eyes of a stone figure in a desert by the Nile.
I rejoice; my heart expands in his bulk,in his authority.
There is the white house lying among the trees.
The heat is going, said Bernard, from the Jungle. But I am pale; I am neat, and my knickerbockers are drawn togetherby a belt with a brass snake.
I like the dimness that falls as we enter the sacred building. Bubbles form on the floor of the saucepan, said Jinny. He sways slightly, mouthing out his tremendous and sonorous words. I will drop a twig in as a raft for a drowning sailor. Butwe are doomed, all of us, by the apple trees, by the immitigable tree which we cannot pass.
I should like a fiery dress, a yellow dress, a fulvous dress to wearin the evening.
Yet he is by this time convinced of their truth.
There is no crudity here, no sudden kisses. I see a slab of pale yellow, said Susan, spreading away until it meets a purple stripe.
I hear a sound, said Rhoda, cheep, chirp; cheep chirp; going upand down.
Down there my eyes are the lidless eyes of a stone figure in a desert bythe Nile.
Now an eye-beam is slid throughthe chink.
I will drop a stone in and see bubbles rise from the depths of the sea. I am a boy in grey flannels with a belt fastened by a brass snake up here. I see a ring, said Bernard, hanging above me. I am no longer upright, to be knocked againstand damaged.
I see women passing with red pitchers to the river; Isee camels swaying and men in turbans. One bird chirped high up; there wasa pause; another chirped lower down. This is my first night at school, said Susan, away from myfather, away from my home. Water descends and sheets me like an eel. A mancrosses a bridge with a dog at his heels.
Stalks rise from the black hollows beneath. Now Ispread my body on this frail mattress and hang suspended.
We are giants, lying here, who can make forestsquiver. Lord, let them lay their butterflies on a pocket-handkerchief on the gravel.
We shall sink through the green air of the leaves, Susan.

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  1. Danielle says:

    ~this is wonderful~

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